Don’t Let Hair Loss Interfere With Love

You are looking forward to dinner and dancing this Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend of one-year. On your first date you had thick, bouncy hair. In the last few months, however, you have experienced significant hair loss. It is becoming harder to hide it through styling and you are becoming more anxious by the day.

Hair Loss Has Various Causes

For many hair loss sufferers, the reason for their hair loss is linked to genealogy. There are many things we inherit from our ancestors, eye color, hair texture, and body shape. You can add hair loss to that list of inherited traits. More likely than not, your mother or grandmother started losing their hair at your age. Whether due to hormonal changes like menopause to tightly worn ponytails causing traction alopecia, DNA can provide the reason for hair loss.

More serious conditions like lupus, hyper and hypothyroidism, polycystic syndrome, and cancer all can contribute to hair loss. When patients undergo chemotherapy to eradicate cancer cells, telogen effluvium can result. This occurs when huge amounts of hairs enter the resting phase causing massive shedding, followed by thinning. Some medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol can produce hair loss. Any hormone replacement drugs, steroids, and acne medications can negatively affect hair growth.

Finding A Solution To Hair Loss

When a dermatologist or hair follicle specialist consults with you to diagnose the cause of your hair loss, he develops an individualized hair loss solution. The doctor conducts various tests determining whether you suffer from alopecia or other clinical issues. Even if you have inherited hair loss from a relative that does not automatically mean the cause is identical. Just like everyone has individual traits, our medical conditions and solutions are unique.

Once the specialist determines what your symptoms mean and diagnoses the cause, then it is time to decide your course of treatment. He will give you various options for the best possible outcome. You must decide if you want a quicker treatment or one taking months to a year to see results. Will you prefer to go the route of over-the-counter creams rubbed on your scalp daily? If you are too busy or not disciplined enough to follow such a regimen, perhaps this treatment is not for you.

If you want a permanent solution and have the money to fork out to a transplant center promising instant results, this may fit better. Or if time is of the essence, a cute wig will suffice. You want this first Valentine’s Day together to be special and not marred by hair loss. Once you make your choice, an enjoyable night together is assured, hair and all.


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An Alaskan Vacation Is A Romantic Choice

When considering a romantic getaway, Alaska is usually not the first option to come to your mind. Most think this pristine landscape is just home to traditional igloos and dog sledding. In addition, the reputation of it being cold most of the year turns most people away from exploring this as a possibility.

Booking An Alaskan Romantic Vacation

Imagine having just booked a romantic vacation for your spouse in none other than Alaska. In addition to that you have planned one of the activities to be Alaska fly-fishing. You rationalize since your loved one is an adventuresome soul, she may be open to this new sport. However after surprising her with this unique gift you are disappointed by her less than enthusiastic reaction.

When one thinks of romantic adventures they may think of going to Brazil to roam the rainforest or zip lining through Bermuda. You would be hard pressed to mention the word romance and have them follow it with examples of Alaska, and certainly not fly-fishing. However, this can be part of a really fun and different way to spend quality time together.

Alaskan Fly Fishing Is A Unique Take On Romance

It takes a rather creative fellow to think of fly-fishing in the same breath of romance. After all, just wearing the long rubber pants and boots that are fly fishing gear, hardly conjures up visions of hearts and love. Despite being messy, what makes this a unique choice is the ability to be together doing something fresh and new. Having fun in a new environment and exploring a new adventure together is what romance is really all about.

Aside from fly-fishing, some Alaska travel agents offers couples some really exciting and romantic packages. There is a luxury bed and breakfast inn that overlooks water in Juneau and offers outdoor decks, hot tubs, and massage therapy. Another lodge has spectacular mountain views and a renowned wine list in its dining establishment. Local cruises offer your wildlife seeking spirits up-close views of Humpback, Fin, and Orca Whales, Bald Eagles, Brown Bears, Sea Otters and more.

For thrill seeking couples, backcountry trekking, riding bush planes, or kayaking is available. Once you visualize the wondrous wilderness and serene backdrops that are Alaska, and you reconnect the depth of your love, the choice of Alaska as a romantic vacation will be one she will thank you for and both will cherish forever.

Surprise Her With An Online Gift Certificate

Once upon a time people gave gifts certificates to other people for special occasions. These gift certificates consisted of a certain monetary amount to be spent as the receiver desired at the particular store named on the gift certificate. Then, at their earliest convenience they would drive to the specific store or have someone else drive them there for the long awaited shopping trip.

Times have changed. Of course you can still give a gift certificate to a person, so that they can by their own birthday present, anniversary present, Christmas present and more. But now your beloved can use that gift certificate to do, for example, their boutique shoe shopping online.

Is A Gift Certificate Too Impersonal?

Some people just don’t like the idea giving gift certificates, because they don’t feel it has the personal touch. Here’s the thing about the personal touch however when it comes to clothing or even jewelry… Are you absolutely, positively sure that you know the exact taste of the person you’re buying for? What about their favorite color or style? And do you know the size they wear? Size may not be important, when it comes to jewelry, but style, metal preference, jewel or stone preference and more do come into play with jewelry.

With a gift certificate you don’t have to worry about knowing any of the above. If you know where they like to shop – be it online or in an old school, tangible store – that’s really all you need to know. That and of course, how much you want to spend.

How Much Is Enough?

Giving gifts may be fun and make you feel good but there is always the dilemma of how much to spend. This could well depend on your current assets of course, but is there a set of rules, so to speak, to follow when it comes to how much to spend on certain people in certain occasions? In addition to your budget some things to keep in mind are your personal relationship with the gift recipient and the particular occasion for which you are purchasing the gift. A wedding gift for example, if you are not part of the wedding party, can commonly run someone between $500 and $550. If however you are in the wedding party and you are purchasing a gift for the bride or groom a gift might run as high as $575-$600.

Again it all depends on your budget. You’re certainly not going to take out a loan, in order to buy someone a gift – that’s just ridiculous, let’s face it.

Fall In Love In French

If you have been avoiding your romantic dream trip to Paris, because you are worried about your French speaking skills, it’s time to put that fear aside and learn how to communicate effectively in French. Many people avoid learning a new language because they fear it may be too time consuming, too expensive, and just too tough to do. The fact is that there are many methods out there that can help you learn French fast, inexpensively, and easily. There is no better time than now to start learning so that you can start planning that dream vacation.

The Language Of Love

If you have ever heard a conversation held in French, you understand why the language is known as the “Language of Love”. When people are heavily engrossed in a conversation in French, their words seem almost like a ballet more than simple sounds. Even if the speakers happen to be fighting, their words seem beautiful and full of passion. It is no wonder that so many people aspire to learn the language or why so many people in Paris seem to be in love.

Learn French Quickly

If you want to learn French as quickly as possible, you really need to start researching the different methods of learning a new language. For instance, the Primsleur method has been successful in teaching people a new language for generations now, and continues to be the most widely used method of learning a foreign tongue. However, there are plenty of other methods out there that you may find useful in your pursuit of the Language of Love. By using the internet, you can find the perfect learning method for you and you will quickly be on your way to sounding like a natural born Parisian.

Taking a dream vacation to Paris can be a bit intimidating for those who don’t speak the French language. The French are a proud people and if you are willing to take the time to embrace their language, you will see just how friendly these people can be. It’s time to learn French as quickly as possible.

Your Valentine Would Love A Romantic Australian Home

Valentine’s Day – no one does it quite like the Australians. You might think that Romanticism is left up to the French, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Valentine’s Day in Australia is one heck of an event, so why not give your love the Valentine’s Day of a lifetime?

What’s Your Situation?

Have you and your Valentine decided to move in together, tie the knot, shop for a new home, or start spending almost all your time together exclusively? You probably both have your own individual homes and moving into one or the other’s home is going to feel a little weird. It will always be their place. You could look for a home for the both of you that is somewhere between your current locations. That way you get to keep track of all your friends and relatives in the area.

Or you could be thinking, “What if I sell my house and buy us a new home in beautiful Australia?” Well if that’s the case you’re going to want to make sure that you hire a real estate service that’s going to take care of all the extras like following through with buyers, marketing, listings and more. Do yourself a favor and research a couple of different real estate services, before deciding on which one to hire. A quick search on the Internet can put testimonials from past home buying/selling customers, at your very fingertips.

Romance In Australia

As previously mentioned Australians know how to do Valentine’s Day up right. Flowers play a huge part of the Valentine’s Day celebration in Australia. Cards are another huge tradition in Australia and Valentine’s Day finds cards sent not just to lovers, but friends, acquaintances, family and others. You don’t have to be in love in Australia to celebrate Valentine’s Day – but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Not bad anyways. And never let it be said that Australian men like Valentine’s Day any less than women. Just the opposite is true in fact with Assie men. A booming 58% of them make a bigger deal of Valentine’s Day than do women at merely 41%.

Whether you’re just starting out as a couple or want to put a little romance back into your life you may well consider buying a permanent home or possibly even a vacation home in Australia. Housing opportunities have never been better and there are some amazing coastal properties to consider for those of you wanting to spend your romantic days and nights at the beach.

Nothing Says I Love You More Than Invisalign


This is the first Valentines Day after all the kids have graduated from college and moved into their own apartments. It is just the two of you and now you are faced with the decision of what to buy. You would like to present a very unique gift that will leave a long-lasting impression.

Gift The Gift Of An Effervescent Smile

When you think of dental or orthodontic appointments, that does not go hand-in-hand with a Valentines gift. Most people equate oral health with pain and fear. So getting your spouse to go to an appointment on or near this special day will initially receive a response of a dud. However, when you present her with the invisilign brochure and then explain you are paying for her to get a new smile, that will be one winner of a present.

One of the reasons this will impress her is the fact she will finally be able to put herself on the front burner after years of ignoring her needs in favor of the kids. When they needed new coats, she kept wearing the old one. If they needed immunizations before the new school year, she put off her doctor’s visit until months later. Or when the dentist referred them to the orthodontist to begin the teeth straightening process, she did not hesitate to make it happen. Now for you to not just settle for the metal braces like the kids wore, but the upscale brand, is extra special.

A Beautiful Smile Will Cost You-But It Is Worth It

With all this cheer being spread around, there is one little factor you failed to nail down. Just how much will this Valentine’s present set me back? Will I need to take on a second job in order to give my wife a new smile?

The great thing about this gift is it can be paid for over time. If you have dental insurance with coverage for your wife, that will shoulder much of the cost. Or if you prefer, you may want to use the in-house financing that some orthodontists offer. Of course, there is always your trusty old credit card that has been used for everything under the sun. Why not use it for this precious gift of a brand new smile, one that can remind you of when you first met and fell in love? How appropriate for this special day of love.

Build An Eco Friendly Love Nest

If you are considering a new vacation home so that you and the love of your life can hide from the rest of the world, every once in awhile, you may want to consider looking at eco friendly homes, before you make your final decision. There are plenty of floor plans to choose from and the prices are generally set, before the construction begins, which keeps you from dealing with surprises when it comes time to pay. Add that to the fact that these homes are generally able to save you some money and you will quickly see why so many people are turning to modular homes.

Getting Away

Every day, each of us struggle with the stress of daily life. We deal with our jobs, our bills, our family…even our friends can sometimes be a bit too much for us. It is no secret that stress can build up and cause physical health problems that aren’t always easy to deal with. Not to mention, the stress also takes a toll on your emotional well being and can begin to seep into other aspects of your life.

If you have ever been distracted at work because you were busy thinking about a fight you had with your best friend, you know exactly how that seepage can affect you. It is important to find time to get away every once in awhile, not to avoid your problems, but so that you are better prepared to deal with them.

A Place To Hide

Building a place for you and the love of your life to retreat when things get too stressful is a perfect way to make sure you maintain your sanity, while also building upon your relationship. Rather than finding a home that has been broken in by someone else, why not have your retreat built the way you want it?

While you are at it, you should consider a modular home. They are less expensive than most custom built homes and are better for the environment. From the rain collection that serves as a water source to the minimal use of natural resources to build the love nest, you are not only helping yourself by having one of these homes built, you are helping the environment.

Buying a home that has already been built is great, but having an eco friendly home custom built is even better. It will be a place that you and your loved one will know that is yours and yours alone. You will know that every memory that you make in your retreat will be the first that the home has ever known. In the end, your eco friendly getaway will help you and the planet.

Not Being Home On Valentine’s Is No Excuse!


Not being home is an excuse for very little these days what with technology being what it is. Very few of us travel without our laptop, iPad or smart phone. And that’s a good thing because shopping for almost anything can be done online in this day and age.

Ask Any Aussie

Chances are you probably assumed that France was the most romantic place in the world. Not to take anything away from France, but according to one Internet source, Australia actually rates as one of the most romantic places on Earth. Hey, just ask any tall, blonde and Aussie! No doubt they will be more than happy to tell you that not only are they extremely romantic, but they do not hesitate to buy their friends and loved ones Valentine’s Day presents – whether they are home or not – through time and money-saving online shopping.

Australia And Valentine’s Day – Who Knew?

As you may know, Valentine’s Day is a big deal for Aussies – and it doesn’t just apply to lovers. V-Day in Australia is as a matter of fact extremely historical in its significance. Making a big deal of Valentine’s Day in Australia started as early on as the middle of the 19th century gold rush.

Why the sudden interest in what everybody probably thought was a Hallmark holiday? History tells us that Victoria’s Ballarat Mine workers, having come into untold riches, decided to put those riches to good use on the 14th of February. They purchased gifts in fanciful wrappings and fancy, detailed cards – many made exclusively for the individual. Though toned down a bit, this is still the tradition.

Aussies also may choose to observe Valentine’s Day with festivals, theater, carnivals and other festivities. But as previously mentioned, all the fun is not solely for lovers. Neighbors, colleagues, friends and family all take part in celebrations and card and gift exchanges. So why not share the love!

Okay, so with something this relevant why would you not take advantage of a shopping service that makes it as easy as possible to shop, offers discounts on merchandise and shipping – sometimes free shipping – the opportunity to save on gas, and you can simply sit back and wait for it to be delivered to the address specified? Seriously folks, it just can’t get any easier or quicker than this.

Show Your Loved One The Healthy Way to Weigh



Valentine’s Day is a tricky one. It can be a lonely day if you’re single, but having a spouse or a significant other can also bring its own set of problems. The big question, of course, is what to get your loved one for this unofficial holiday. Flowers for a woman perhaps, and something like a small stuffed animal that shows affection, but is not too deep or scary for a man. These are just the opening gifts.

More Gifts?

Dinner at a nice quiet restaurant is a tender expression of closeness. Or even cooking something new at home can set the right mood. What if one half of the couple is trying to lose weight. What then? Chocolates are certainly out of the question and so are sweets of just about any kind.

You can demonstrate heartfelt caring perhaps by cooking your partner a low calorie dish that’s very tasty. You could even add goji berry for added flavor and texture. And, when that face across the table asks what it is, you can tell him or her that it’s something from China that is full of vitamins and minerals and amino acids and people are using it to lose weight. Those things are true, and you can also say that the little valentine red berry, also promotes a feeling of wellbeing and provides natural energy without caffeine.

Valentine’s Day Is Easy

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be a laid back day, if you prepare everything before hand. If you’re helping your loved one lose weight, then you should do it everyday, even on one of the biggest chocolate days of the year. There are so many foods out there that have great flavor and are low calorie that this should not be the day that anyone has to break their diet.

The Internet has tons of information available and you should be able to find a perfect and simple recipe for the one you love. Low calorie dishes are easy to make and just as easy and fun to eat as the high-density food that most of us were brought up on.

Renew Your Romance With Adventure

Have you ever had the best of intentions, but somehow you fail miserably? Take the time you really wanted to impress your significant other with a moonlit walk through the park. Everything was perfect. Until you found out that the park starts the sprinklers, just after midnight. So you make a mad dash through the water, becoming absolutely soaked.

Meanwhile, a neighborhood watch person, sees you running, after curfew and thinks there was a drug buy going, so he phones the police. Three police cars show up, ordering you at gunpoint to place your hands on the car. While in the “frisk” position, it just so happens your boss is coming home from a late night dinner, and sees you getting felt up by the cops. Needless to say there was a lot of explaining to do the next day at work.

Then there was the night you tried going to a nice romantic dinner. Candlelight, wine, a violinist at your table to play the song that meant so much to both of you. Everything was perfect. You go home that night, both of you are enjoying the romance, when your stomach feel quite right and her stomach is feeling the same way. You read in the paper next day the restaurant was shut down for unhealthy preparation of their food and food poisoning was reported, in several of the patrons. Just your luck!

Time To Break The Pattern

Maybe, a change of scene is in order. A complete break from the norm to reset your karma. It really isn’t too tough of a choice. You’ve tried the usual vacation spots. But this time you want something out of the ordinary and romantic. So why not try a romantic Alaska fishing adventure? Alaska has always been at the top of your vacation list and the pictures you have seen are breath taking. Plus, you both enjoy the outdoors and fishing. So, Why not!

Spending Quality Time Together

The nights are days in the land of the midnight sun, so you are in for a non-stop vacation paradise, depending on the time of year you decide to go. Alaska has a vast richness and unspoiled beauty like no where else on earth. And, it is all waiting for you to discover with your special mate. Whether exploring the city life of award winning restaurants and museums, (oh yes the do have modern cities) or chooising to book into an Alaska fishing lodge charter a boat, or just doing a day fishing trip, you are certain this time you will achieve the romantic success. And that’s what is important. Spending time together, in an adventure vacation, that both of you will remember.


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