Look Years Younger by Next Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a reason to get motivated about looking great, just think about next Valentine’s Day. It’s the most romantic day of the year and is full of love and magic. You definitely want to look and feel beautiful while making memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for this special day. Make sure it’s one of the most magical Valentine’s Days of your life by planning for it now. Look into LiftDerma to help you look and feel younger.

How to Catch Your Valentine’s Eye (and Heart)

It’s true that the best part of you is who you are on the inside, and the key to catching your Valentine is to let him/her see the real you – but remember, this means there can be no distractions. You don’t want your Valentine to stare deeply into your eyes and see nothing but crow’s feet, or to miss feeling the soft touch of your hand simply because he/she can’t stop staring at how dirty your fingernails are. The real you should shine above all things; and by just eliminating some simple distractions, the real you will be able to catch your Valentine’s eye – and soon after, his/her heart.

The Secret of Juvederm

If crow’s feet or wrinkles are a distraction from your eyes, make an appointment for dermal fillers, such as Juvederm – a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that fills in wrinkles and lines with a smooth gel filling that lasts up to a year. Juvederm is FDA approved and only takes about fifteen minutes. Results are instant, and recovery time is minimal to none. This amazing new procedure is the latest in skin care. When the time gets closer to Valentine’s Day, have your hair and nails done as well, and remember to keep a lookout for the perfect outfit for your special night. The key is to have no distractions keeping your Valentine’s eye away from seeing the real you.

Romance and Football

There are more NFL fans in the world today than ever before, but sadly, when football season arrives more wives, spouses and significant others turn into NFL widows as their loved ones engage in watching the latest NFL games on television or the internet. To avoid becoming an NFL widow this season anyone who wants to be a part of their husband, wife or partners passion for the NFL should consider doing the following.

Go With Them To A Game

The first step to showing your loved one that you care about their passion for the NFL is to offer to go to an NFL game with them, especially if they just came home with Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets; for many people the thought of going to an NFL game seems like the last thing in the world that they want to do, but in reality it can be the best time ever. You will be surrounded by thousands of fans, all who want to have a good time and you will be with your loved one, supporting their passion and what could be better?

If the NFL game does get a little boring the solution to the problem is to bring your iPod or personal music device and mobile phone that way you always have something to fall back on until the game is over.

Make TV Games Fun

For those nights when your spouse or partner are watching NFL games at home and you’re watching the game with them try celebrating every touchdown or reception that’s made for your loved ones team by giving him (or her) a quick kiss; this strategy will prove to be effective and ultimately lead to getting your loved one to focus their attention more on you than the game.

More Than Fantasy Football

Another great way to avoid the “blahs” that can come with a typical NFL season is to make it interesting by offering to watch games in a hot tub with your loved one or try forming your own fantasy football league with your spouse or partner where for each touchdown or interception you or your spouse must volunteer to fulfill any fantasy that either of you may have at the time. And when football is over, make sure you have access to other shows using your Apple TV 3.

Don’t Let Hair Loss Interfere With Love

You are looking forward to dinner and dancing this Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend of one-year. On your first date you had thick, bouncy hair. In the last few months, however, you have experienced significant hair loss. It is becoming harder to hide it through styling and you are becoming more anxious by the day.

Hair Loss Has Various Causes

For many hair loss sufferers, the reason for their hair loss is linked to genealogy. There are many things we inherit from our ancestors, eye color, hair texture, and body shape. You can add hair loss to that list of inherited traits. More likely than not, your mother or grandmother started losing their hair at your age. Whether due to hormonal changes like menopause to tightly worn ponytails causing traction alopecia, DNA can provide the reason for hair loss.

More serious conditions like lupus, hyper and hypothyroidism, polycystic syndrome, and cancer all can contribute to hair loss. When patients undergo chemotherapy to eradicate cancer cells, telogen effluvium can result. This occurs when huge amounts of hairs enter the resting phase causing massive shedding, followed by thinning. Some medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol can produce hair loss. Any hormone replacement drugs, steroids, and acne medications can negatively affect hair growth.

Finding A Solution To Hair Loss

When a dermatologist or hair follicle specialist consults with you to diagnose the cause of your hair loss, he develops an individualized hair loss solution. The doctor conducts various tests determining whether you suffer from alopecia or other clinical issues. Even if you have inherited hair loss from a relative that does not automatically mean the cause is identical. Just like everyone has individual traits, our medical conditions and solutions are unique.

Once the specialist determines what your symptoms mean and diagnoses the cause, then it is time to decide your course of treatment. He will give you various options for the best possible outcome. You must decide if you want a quicker treatment or one taking months to a year to see results. Will you prefer to go the route of over-the-counter creams rubbed on your scalp daily? If you are too busy or not disciplined enough to follow such a regimen, perhaps this treatment is not for you. Maybe getting  hair cuts could help you style your hair better to where it’s not so noticeable.

If you want a permanent solution and have the money to fork out to a transplant center promising instant results, this may fit better. Or if time is of the essence, a cute wig will suffice. You want this first Valentine’s Day together to be special and not marred by hair loss. Once you make your choice, an enjoyable night together is assured, hair and all.


Vitamins for Hair Growth

Best Treatments and Styles for Thinning Hair

Personalizing Your Wedding Plans

Nothing screams personalization quite like do it yourself wedding invitations. Everybody is getting into doing things for themselves, rather than having to hire services or contract them out. DIY wedding invitations are just one more step toward becoming independent of contractors and hired services.

Other Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

Okay getting married is probably as personal as one person can get with another person, and we’re not talking necessarily about the bride and groom as they relate to each other. As far as your guests are concerned (particularly your honored guests), having something personal goes a long ways. I sang for a wedding when I was fresh out of high school for one of my best friends. At the rehearsal dinner she gave all of the ladies standing up for her, a gold necklace with their name written in script. She gave me one as well, and I loved it. At my wedding, we gave engraved electric butane lighters to the ladies (they all smoked back then) and engraved flasks to the gentlemen (we all drank back then). They loved them. Special wedding favors for the in-laws, presented at the rehearsal  or rehearsal dinner, is a nice touch as well. Placing them in front of their place setting will make them feel special; after all, you wouldn’t be here getting married if it weren’t for them in most cases.

Back To Those Invitations

By picking out beautiful stationary with matching envelopes you already have a great beginning on the project of do it yourself invites. They don’t have to be fancy; they can be a plain color or something with a simple pattern. Then again they can be as gaudy and floral as you like. If you just don’t feel like you can find the time to put together those invitations on your own you can always rely on that one friend that we all have who is into arts and crafts on a Zen level. Or maybe the daughter of one of your friends who happens to be attending art school would be a good suggestion. Whoever it is that you actually line up to take care of this task can consider it their wedding present to you; thereby avoiding the wedding rush at all the stores that offer the ‘registered gift list’ option. What’s up with those gift lists any ways? You know you’re just going to take all those presents back and return them for the money.

You know you will.

When To Know The Relationship Has Ended

Have you ever known someone who could not let go? Perhaps you had a borderline suicidal boyfriend or girlfriend just at the thought your relationship was over. There are many reasons that people continue hanging on when it is clear the thread is about to give way.

Unhealthy Reasons For Relationships

People get into relationships for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is purely based on physical attributes, a pretty face or washboard abs. Others look for a replacement for a missing dad or neglectful mother. Some people leave failed love experiences quickly falling into others, not analyzing what went wrong. There are certain people who are just no good at being alone. In fact they are downright allergic to the status of being completely single. Premarital Counseling sometimes helps engaged couples that seek to iron out deep-seated issues prior to marriage. This may help prevent divorces after marriage by opening all wounds ahead of time.

In some relationships you find the woman or man, particularly women who totally engross themselves in that person. They live and breathe for them, neglecting to do something for themselves. Enjoying a hobby, quietly reading books, spending time with girlfriends, volunteer work, all serve as healthy extensions of us. It is important to being a whole person, not just half of a relationship.

Reasons For Clinging And Viable Solutions

There are definitive signals a relationship has run its course. If you have tried counseling or taking to each other without success, it is time to go. You can also get a clairvoyant psychic reading to help you cope with the relationship being over. When neither of you receives mutual benefits from then you probably on shaky ground. A memorial service for this once vibrant love story will soon unfold. It is unhealthy to cling to the memories, desperately propping up feelings of yesterday. Being fearful and insecure about leaving is natural, but should be ignored.

Here are the telltale signs to fold up your tent on your relationship:

You are unhappy, not getting what you need from it.
Communication is impossible.
You dread intimacy and spending time alone.
Spending too much time trying to change your partner.
Comparing your loved one to others won’t work.
You have stopped laughing together.
You have stopped feeling good about yourself.

If more than one of these signs sounds like your relationship, move on. Don’t second-guess your decision. Get some ice cream, rent a movie, allow yourself a good cry, and then pick yourself up. The world is your oyster. This is not the first break-up in civilization and will not be the last. Enjoy spending time alone and learning about yourself. That way the next person you choose may be a better fit.

Insurance is About Protecting the Ones You Love

Insurance, while it was designed to protect financial investments, it’s really about protecting your family and loved ones.  Insurance is the one backup you know will be there in case all else fails. There are dozens of types of insurance out there and it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure what they mean, or which one is right for your family.  Here is a recommendation of insurance policies you’ll definitely want to consider if you’re looking for the best policy designed to protect families.

Health and life insurance

One of the first types of insurance thinking about insurance policies for the family is health insurance.  Health insurance will cover your family’s medical expenses for any related health issue, and you can purchase either a group plan or individual plan.  You typically only get a group plan through an employer, so if this is not an option, you can purchase an individual health insurance plan for you and your family.  Insurance can cover mobility options when needed. Visit a Senior Care Franchise for more options. Life insurance is another form of insurance to consider, even though it’s something many people don’t want to think about.  A life insurance policy can make the difference between survival and not surviving if the breadwinner of the family ever passes.

Home and disability insurance

If you own a home, purchasing an insurance policy for your home, or for your mortgage if you have one, are other important policies to purchase that will help protect your family.  Homeowners insurance will protect you in case of a fire, earthquake, flood or storm.  You can also purchase PPI, payment protection insurance, which is a form of loan protection in case you are in a position where you can’t make your mortgage payment.  Make sure that when you sign up for a PPI policy, that it is set up for your exact needs.  PPI claims are notorious for being difficult to pursue because of agents mis-selling policies.

Insurance may be one of the more dry topics when it comes to financial advice, but when it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, it’s one of the best things you can do.

Valentine’s Day Themed Baby Showers

Are you planning a baby shower?  If so, then you might want to consider a Valentine’s Day theme.  Every shower needs a theme.  There is no better way to express your love for the baby on the way, than with Valentine’s Day in the mix.  Here is a guide to help you make the most of this occasion.

Consider The Sex

The sex of the baby is an important factor for your themed shower.  If you are having a girl, this theme makes perfect sense.  You can shower the mom to be with lots of pink items.  However, it is not as easy with a boy.  This does not mean you have to opt out of this theme.  Instead, get creative.  Use more red with your décor and look for a masculine color that pairs well with it.


When it comes to food, chocolate is the way to go.  Women love chocolate and you can easily please the mother-to-be and the guests with an array of Valentine’s Day related chocolates.  You can even provide chocolates as a favor to your guests.  If you have time, you might even want to make the chocolate items you serve.  Chocolate heart cake pops are a great accent to any party.  Plus, they look cute.


Finally, make sure to plan games that incorporate your Valentine’s Day theme.  For example, you could pin the heart on the baby for a cute game.  You could also come up with cute sayings for conversation hearts that involve the baby on the way.  This is a great interactive activity.  It also serves as a great keepsake that the mother can show to the child when he or she gets older.  If you need help coming up with ideas for games, look online.  You can get inspiration from Valentine’s Day events and other showers.  Both will be a great starting point.

Have fun planning your Valentine’s Day shower.  It is a great opportunity for you to shower the mom and future baby with a lot of love and excitement.  Get some flowers and some chocolate and enjoy the festivities. And find her the perfect gift at by visiting Splendid Littles.

Be Her Tech Hero

So you got yourself a girlfriend. Awesome. You two crazy kids are probably texting back and forth until your fingers are sore. That could cost a lot. Of course that could depend on her particular cell phone service provider.

Are You Technically Inclined?

You may have seen advertisements the claim their software can jailbreak or unlock iPhone now. It is true, there is a way to unlock iPhone codes so that you and your girlfriend can go with any provider you see fit. Jailbreaking an iPhone 5c is mostly done so you can play games that are not from the Apple store. But, unlocking is primarily about choosing your provider. Different providers do, after all, offer different texting rates, calling minutes, app options and more. Wikipedia has a little blurb on unlocking your smart phone but by Googling it you can find a font of information on the how and where of it all. Be careful how you go about it or you could mess up your phone instead of unlocking it. Make sure that wherever it is that you get your information, it’s a reliable source.

Communicate and Play

Not only can you talk and text on your iPhone, you can play any number of games together or apart. News flashes, sports updates, even the Internet can be accessed so that you and your iPhone may end up being as inseparable as you and your new favorite person.  And with the new iPhone 6 coming soon you might be able to get a nice discount on the current model.

There’s also a way to make your favorite picture of her your phone’s wallpaper.

Plan a V-Day Getaway

As 2011 is winding down, now is the right time to start planning for Valentine’s Day 2012. If you’re struggling with trying to think of what you should do for your significant other for next year’s Valentine’s Day, the solution to the problem is to take them away for a Valentine’s Day getaway.

Where to Go and What to Do

Before planning a getaway to just any destination, make sure that you take the time to speak with your spouse or significant other to find out what their ideal getaway destination would be by asking them the following questions:

  • Would they like an active getaway where you two can do things together?
  • Do they want a getaway where there’s plenty of time to relax in a lounge chair while they sip on an adult beverage?
  • Are beautiful views important to them? Do they want to travel to a destination where they can see new things that they haven’t seen before? A cruise would be the perfect option that this type of getaway because you will be able to see more than one destination in the shortest period of time.

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Vacation Time

Since Valentine’s Day 2012 is going to be on a Tuesday, why not take off on Monday and Tuesday so you can get away for a four day weekend? Before planning this type of getaway make sure that you have the vacation time for getting away and, if possible, reserve the vacation time with your spouse’s employer too just to make sure that they have time to get away as well too.


During the economic recession there are more opportunities than ever before to go on a great vacation getaway for under $500. You can find great deals on vacation getaways online through websites using a search such as cheap cruise holidays 2012.

Plan A Wedding On Valentine’s Day

Ahh…your beloved has just knelt down on bended knee and proposed his undying love and devotion, asking you to be his wife. He has presented you with the most spectacular princess cut diamond. You’ll proudly accept, of course, and all that is left is to set a date.

Factors To Consider

Becoming engaged to marry is one of the most enchanting experiences of your life. For some, however, jumping to the next step of setting the wedding date can be fraught with anxiety. Many couples avoid this for a while and prefer to just bask in the engagement period. Other couples dream of planning the most unforgettable wedding experience on Planet Earth.

However, what is the most common question that everyone you tell about your engagement will ask? “Congratulations. So when is the date?” There is no way to get around it. Setting a wedding date must be done, but not hastily. Considerable planning and thought should go into the date you choose.

When deciding a wedding date, you don’t want to pick either your birthday or a common holiday. It is not fair to share a special day like a birthday with an equally important day like an anniversary. Also, getting married on a summer holiday or a day like Thanksgiving or Christmas can tear people away from their own family plans and can risk friends not showing up. Also, when celebrating your anniversary, it can impede upon you fully enjoying the holiday, because of its other significance.

Planning Your Wedding Date On A Special Day

There is a solution to your dilemma of picking a wedding date. Since getting married is a romantic event, why not choose Valentine’s Day for your wedding date? Since this day is a cherished day for romance and love, why not have a Valentines Day Wedding Extravaganza to say your vows.

Choosing Valentine’s Day to get married will automatically put your guests in a good mood. You can decorate in a sea of red and white flowers. Bridesmaids can wear a Bari Jay Bridesmaid dress and the groomsmen can have red shirts or white shirts with red ties. Heart shaped cakes and other heart shaped decorations can be everywhere, both for the ceremony and reception. Cupid with his arrow can be displayed.

The budget conscious will of course think of the possibilities. By killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, as you celebrate two holidays in one, you have now just cut the cost of your gift budget. A dozen red roses can double for your anniversary and Valentine’s Day, as can chocolates. The romantic anniversary trip can now include the romance of Valentines.