Gifts for a Musical Valentine

If your Valentine is a musician, a Valentine gift to remember for all time can run the gamut from Dean Guitars to drum sets by Maypex. Heck even a Vaughncraft brass tambourine would be appreciated by some.

Listen, They’re Playing Our Favorite Song

Putting together a CD with all your favorite songs is possibly one of the most overdone sentiments around. Also one of the most effective. To have a CD that you can play in your car or in your home that reminds you of the one you love is special in almost anyone’s mind and heart. Of course you could also send a collection of your favorite songs to their computer to download on their iPad or iPod if CDs are too old school for you.

You Got Tickets To What?!

Getting the one you love tickets to their favorite band in concert is possibly the most astounding gift of music that one can give. To see your favorite band performing live, up close and personal is like nothing else in the world; particularly for the serious music enthusiast. Music can bring people together and help to cement a relationship.
Of all the things that people realize they have in common when first getting to know each other, music is one of those at the top of the list.

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