Gift Ideas for Your Coffee-Loving Spouse

Coffee. Black Gold. Go-Go Juice. Nectar of the Gods. Whatever your significant other calls it, it runs deep in their veins and you’d swear they’d bleed it if pricked. You have a coffee lover in your life and zero clue as to what to give them for the next holiday. Here are some thoughtful gifts to give your Coffee Ground Guru.

Gourmet coffee gift baskets make an excellent gift and they come in a wide array of prices and contents. You can even build one yourself, if you buy the materials. You simply have to know what their favorite brew is and see if the brand comes in other flavors and strengths, or even better, have a website with pre-made baskets at the ready. The prices can range anywhere from $25 ( to hundreds of dollars, if you choose to push aside price for the present.

How about a new coffee maker? These makers can range anywhere from the simplistic pour and brew, to the complex French Press and Cappuccino machine. Keurig has their machines surrounded by the idea of brewing one cup at a time. Each individual cup is brewed right there on the spot, so you’re guaranteed a fresh cup, every time. The single serve cups come in countless flavors, strengths, and gourmet brands and are sure to please even the pickiest of percolators. The boxes of k-cups can be bought online or by their 800 customer service number and can be delivered right to your front door.

If the single cup Keurig isn’t your thing (or you know that your guy or gal wouldn’t be thrilled with it) there are literally thousands of other coffee makers out there to satisfy their insatiable caffeine craving.

Do they stop by for the occasional latte after work? Before work? Is your local coffee house their second home and they’re on first name basis with the manager? Why not buy them a gift certificate at their favorite watering hole? This way they’re ensured their coffee how they want it, when they want it, and they’re not digging through for change at the bottom of the couch or car seat to get their next cup.

If gift cards are too impersonal, how about caffeinated soap? Yes, you read that right. Now they can get their charge before even putting the cup to their lips. Caffeinated soaps are the new craze and they themselves come in a variety of brands and scents. And oddly enough, they have their own gift baskets that can be mixed and matched with actual brewable coffee. (

Another great gift idea is a travel mug that keeps their coffee hot? Thermos has an impressive array of mugs and one that actually plugs into your car to make sure it’s kept hot. You have mugs that come in all sizes, shapes, and colors of the rainbow. Contigo has a mug that they boast will keep your coffee hot for an astonishing 16 hours.

And if you would rather a personal touch, why not get your love a specialized mug with pictures of your lives together put right on the side? has several options. You simply pick the pictures you want to put on the side, email them to the printer, and they arrange it in a collage wrapping around the entire mug. Every time they take a sip, they can view the pictures and be reminded why you’re such an awesome catch!

Whatever your choice, there are several out there that haven’t even been mentioned here. Valentine’s Day is all about the thought behind the present. Your Coffee Count or Countess will be surprised and thrilled that you remembered what their beverage of choice is.

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