Engage in Valentine’s Roleplay With a Sexy Halloween Costume (or Two!)

The possibilities for dual role playing utilizing sexy Halloween costumes are as limitless as the costumes themselves.

Decide Who Takes The Lead

Well let’s start this off by getting everyone’s attention. You madam, can be the dominatrix to his slave. The possibilities here boggle the mind. For fear of censorship I won’t go into any further detail but if you close your eyes and think whips, chains and a little bit of hot wax drippings… Well—you get it. And Mark Antony may have been a real big shot with the guys but in the presence of his curvaceous Cleopatra, she was a real asp.

Old Standbys That Still Work

The sulty secretary taking dictation on the lap of her boss (feel free to reverse those roles!); the a seductive stewardess and her handsome pilot; the naughty nurse and her pathetic patient; of course there’s always the angel and the devil; the flirtatious French maid and the manly millionaire; Robin Hood and Maid Marian can always make merry (unless we’re in the house where Little John would be a better match). Hey, it happens… I’m and equal opportunity offender.

Whatever roles you decide to play by all means don’t forget the props. (And that my dear friend, I will leave completely to your imagination.)

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