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Make V-Day Special These In Clever Ways

Valentine’s Day is already a pretty special day but we constantly strive to make it even more so in our pursuit of love, happiness and romance. What are some of the ways that true romantics at heart have made their Valentine’s Day special for themselves and their significant others?

How Can I Spruce Up His/Her Valentine’s Day?

  • Renew your vows on Valentine’s Day for your 5th, 10th, 15th, or whatever wedding anniversary. You don’t have to have gotten married on Valentine’s Day to do this.
  • Make sure that both of you have the day off and spend every waking moment for the next 24 hours in each other’s company. This is especially nice for those couples that don’t get to see each other much thanks to the workaday world and household demands.
  • Get away from it all. Go to the beach, go skiing, go scuba diving – just go!


The Biggest And Best Valentine’s Day Of All

This is probably going to include red or pink Bridesmaid Dresses, red or pink shirts and bowties under the tuxedos, and lots and lots of hearts, flowers and candles. Of what are we speaking? Why getting married on Valentine’s Day of course. Just think of it – you can kill two birds with one stone each and every year from now on. Happy anniversary honey and oh by the way at the Valentine’s Day. It’s not unromantic it simply makes both days a little bit more special and way more fun. Often, hotels and resorts will have Valentine’s Day specials and since it’s your anniversary, you’ll be able to take advantage of that special while celebrating your anniversary. What could be better?

Whatever you do make sure that if planning is called for, you do it well in advance. Lots of people celebrate Valentine’s Day so that could be the one drawback. But if you plan enough in advance it shouldn’t be a problem in the least. If you’re going to be traveling try going through an online discounted travel website. They can save you money on everything from your hotel to your airfare and even cruises and other vacation package deals.

Give Your Valentine The Gift Of Laughter

What do you get the guy or the gal who has everything… including you? Well, a whole lot of importance seems to be put on ‘the gift of laughter’ so… you might consider going with that. Now, how do you make your significant other laugh out loud? If you were a comedian you could just whip out one of your routines. Sadly, however, your days of comedy took a hit when you stopped being the class clown in grade school. What to do…

Take A Hint From The Party Planners

It might be time to defer to the professionals. What do some of the country’s biggest company planners do when they need to schedule corporate entertainment for company functions? They hire professional comedians. And where can you find professional comedians? Well you might try any one of the comedy clubs throughout Australia. Even some of the hotels in the area feature some highly entertaining comedy acts so feel free to plan a romantic getaway overnight or an entire weekend.

But is Valentine’s Day really that big of a deal to the Aussies? You bet it is! Flowers remain one of the most often presented gifts of love on that special February day.  Find your perfect flowers with the help of a San Francisco flower delivery service. Thanks to the internet and technology however, emails and e-cards have seen a big boost in usage in the last few years. And though the younger Aussies seem to celebrate with more vigor than the older, Aussie men have the market pretty much cornered over the women, when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Go figure! Just over 40% of ladies vs. over 57% of guys spend their hard earned cash on gifts and cards.

V-Day In Australia Is A Matter Of History

Going back as far in time as the middle of the 19th century gold rush. Specifically, Victoria’s Ballarat Mine workers, having come into untold riches, spent much of it on February 14th gifts and fancy, detailed cards and wrappings. To an extent, this is still the tradition.
The Aussies also mark this day with festivals, theater, carnivals and more. And all the fun is not solely for lovers. Neighbors, colleagues, friends and family all take part in card and gift exchanges and the celebrations. Share the love! Throw another shrimp on the barbie, crack open an ice cold 4-X or Fosters, kick back and bathe in the love that is Australia.

And, I’ll bet you thought that France was the most romantic place in the world. Truth be told, Australia actually does rate as one of the most romantic places on the globe. Of course you could have asked any tall, blonde and Aussie that and he/she would have been glad to tell you!

Plan A Wedding On Valentine’s Day

Ahh…your beloved has just knelt down on bended knee and proposed his undying love and devotion, asking you to be his wife. He has presented you with the most spectacular princess cut diamond. You’ll proudly accept, of course, and all that is left is to set a date.

Factors To Consider

Becoming engaged to marry is one of the most enchanting experiences of your life. For some, however, jumping to the next step of setting the wedding date can be fraught with anxiety. Many couples avoid this for a while and prefer to just bask in the engagement period. Other couples dream of planning the most unforgettable wedding experience on Planet Earth.

However, what is the most common question that everyone you tell about your engagement will ask? “Congratulations. So when is the date?” There is no way to get around it. Setting a wedding date must be done, but not hastily. Considerable planning and thought should go into the date you choose.

When deciding a wedding date, you don’t want to pick either your birthday or a common holiday. It is not fair to share a special day like a birthday with an equally important day like an anniversary. Also, getting married on a summer holiday or a day like Thanksgiving or Christmas can tear people away from their own family plans and can risk friends not showing up. Also, when celebrating your anniversary, it can impede upon you fully enjoying the holiday, because of its other significance.

Planning Your Wedding Date On A Special Day

There is a solution to your dilemma of picking a wedding date. Since getting married is a romantic event, why not choose Valentine’s Day for your wedding date? Since this day is a cherished day for romance and love, why not have a Valentines Day Wedding Extravaganza to say your vows.

Choosing Valentine’s Day to get married will automatically put your guests in a good mood. You can decorate in a sea of red and white flowers. Bridesmaids can wear a Lela Rose Bridesmaid dress and the groomsmen can have red shirts or white shirts with red ties. Heart shaped cakes and other heart shaped decorations can be everywhere, both for the ceremony and reception. Cupid with his arrow can be displayed.

The budget conscious will of course think of the possibilities. By killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, as you celebrate two holidays in one, you have now just cut the cost of your gift budget. A dozen red roses can double for your anniversary and Valentine’s Day, as can chocolates. The romantic anniversary trip can now include the romance of Valentines.

Custom Jewelry Always Makes Statement


One of the latest trends in jewelry is getting it custom designed. If you are the type of person that enjoys or craves attention, then getting your jewelry specially designed by an artisan can be a smart investment.

Unique Custom Designs Help Jewelry Stand Out

For most people there is no real incentive to put any special effort into purchasing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or watches. In their view it is not particularly important to wear special jewelry. For those who believe in dressing superbly, custom jewelry design Atlanta stores provide artisans who can help you design special pieces. They will sit down with you and create any ring, necklace or other piece of jewelry based on a special event or your personality.

Specialized jewelry called “statement necklaces” is a very popular trend. These necklaces are made of gold vermeil and have written statements like the word Scandalous, used as a conversation piece. No doubt about it, when you walk in wearing one of these necklaces heads will turn in your direction. People are using various script fonts to custom design these nameplate with one-word descriptive statements of their choice. They come in brass, diamonds, and other materials. Most of the time the word is set in a horizontal manner but it can be vertical also.

Additional Jewelry Ideas For Custom Work

Grooms are beginning to catch onto the idea of custom designing the engagement ring for their brides. At specialty jewelry stores you can sit down with an artisan from a few days to months and personally create the ring of both your dreams. You can explain the recipient’s personality and start from scratch or take an old heirloom ring and transform it to modernity.

Some other popular styles for custom jewelry design work include:

  • Calligraphy necklaces with any message you desire.
  • Cartoon character drawing necklaces for the fun at heart.
  • Mini Earrings with a custom message.
  • Messaging stud earrings for the minimalist.
  • Gold letter bracelets for those with bold personalities.
  • Messaged two-finger rings for edgy folks.
  • Sterling silver locket necklaces with initials.
  • Initialed stack bracelets that spell out the complete name.
  • Engraved bangle bracelets.
  • Stack rings with initials that spell out the name.No matter what the reason or special occasion, getting custom designed jewelry never goes out-of-style. So go ahead and set an appointment with your jewelry artisan and make a statement the next time you go out on the town.

3-Home Projects That She Will Love


You’re coming up on a big anniversary, and to celebrate, you’re looking to surprise her with a few projects around the house that you’ve both been talking about for a while now. You don’t have all the time in the world, so let’s narrow it down to three of the simplest ones that will thrill her. Most of these can be done in part by using a few fasteners from retail outlets, in your neighborhood.


She Won’t Believe Her Eyes

One thing that can make a room feel dark and claustrophobic is a low, flat ceiling. By creating an inexpensive, painted illusion on the ceiling you can add architectural sophistication and give the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Depending on your technical and artistic ability, these paintings can be anything from a depiction of an open sky, to a high, vaulted ceiling.

Control The Sunshine

Another easy project to consider is replacing a window treatment. Has the window shade above your kitchen sink been ruined and worn down by repeated exposure to splashes and cooking liquids? Then maybe it’s time to replace that stained window covering with an inexpensive fabric treatment. You’ll be sure to see your kitchen in a whole new light.

Get Out The Saw

If your heating or cooling system makes a lot of noise, consider building a noise reducing air vent cover that looks beautiful and solves the problem in a cost effective manner. Unlike store bought air vent covers that come with narrow slits, the one you make yourself using a garden trellis will be quiet and beautiful to boot. This is a great home improvement project for for that woman in your life, who loves peace and quiet.

Small Effort, Huge Returns

All of these are projects that are small in scope, price, and time investment. You should have no problem getting them done, and impressing her with how little it takes to transform your home. Even if you’re not exactly the world’s greatest handyman, fear not- these projects are all possible to do on your own, no matter how much or how little skill you may possess. Take some time one afternoon while she’s out of the house, and get it all done so that she comes home to a surprise!

When To Know The Relationship Has Ended

Have you ever known someone who could not let go? Perhaps you had a borderline suicidal boyfriend or girlfriend just at the thought your relationship was over. There are many reasons that people continue hanging on when it is clear the thread is about to give way.

Unhealthy Reasons For Relationships

People get into relationships for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is purely based on physical attributes, a pretty face or washboard abs. Others look for a replacement for a missing dad or neglectful mother. Some people leave failed love experiences quickly falling into others, not analyzing what went wrong. There are certain people who are just no good at being alone. In fact they are downright allergic to the status of being completely single. Premarital Counseling sometimes helps engaged couples that seek to iron out deep-seated issues prior to marriage. This may help prevent divorces after marriage by opening all wounds ahead of time.

In some relationships you find the woman or man, particularly women who totally engross themselves in that person. They live and breathe for them, neglecting to do something for themselves. Enjoying a hobby, quietly reading books, spending time with girlfriends, volunteer work, all serve as healthy extensions of us. It is important to being a whole person, not just half of a relationship.

Reasons For Clinging And Viable Solutions

There are definitive signals a relationship has run its course. If you have tried counseling or taking to each other without success, it is time to go. When neither of you receives mutual benefits from then you probably on shaky ground. A memorial service for this once vibrant love story will soon unfold. It is unhealthy to cling to the memories, desperately propping up feelings of yesterday. Being fearful and insecure about leaving is natural, but should be ignored.

Here are the telltale signs to fold up your tent on your relationship:

You are unhappy, not getting what you need from it.
Communication is impossible.
You dread intimacy and spending time alone.
Spending too much time trying to change your partner.
Comparing your loved one to others won’t work.
You have stopped laughing together.
You have stopped feeling good about yourself.

If more than one of these signs sounds like your relationship, move on. Don’t second-guess your decision. Get some ice cream, rent a movie, allow yourself a good cry, and then pick yourself up. The world is your oyster. This is not the first break-up in civilization and will not be the last. Enjoy spending time alone and learning about yourself. That way the next person you choose may be a better fit.

Entertain Your Valentine In Style

You and your wife have been together long enough now that it’s safe to say that you’ve done it all, when it comes to Valentine’s Day. As the next one approaches just around the corner, you both want something different this time around. Something more interesting and intimate that will really make for an evening you’ll remember, as opposed to a few of the others you’ve had over the years that you can’t really recall clearly any more. It’s not that you both don’t care, it’s just that it’s become almost formulaic. Hence, the need for something different this time around.

Make It One To Remember

A great starting point is with outdoor dining sets. Just picture it- she wakes up in the morning to breakfast in bed, and afterwards you lead her outside to showcase the brand new dining set that’s all good to go on your patio. You toss a blanket out on your back lawn, and spend the day with each other under the blue sky, and once the sun starts to set, you prepare the grill. An hour later, and you’ve got a feast for the two of you set up on the dining set, complete with wine and candles. It’s the best dinner the two of you have shared in a few years now, and you follow it up with ice-cream and strawberries. And, it was all possible thanks to your brand new dining set. You both retired back into your home, both grateful for your life together, and this absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day.

Show Her How Much She Means

The thing most people lose track of when it comes to planning out Valentine’s Day is to just have fun with it, and think young. It’s a great day to really show her your creativity and how much you care about her. As the one she’s chosen to be in her life, you should never settle for an average or predictable holiday, and she shouldn’t have to get used to boring and predictable either. Keep it fresh, making each year an unpredictable adventure for you both. After all, isn’t that what a relationship should be?

Let this year be the start of that tradition. Get online, and order the perfect dining set that compliments you as a couple, and your home’s exterior as well. She’ll love how much it adds to your patio, and it will quickly become the main spot where you both have your meals night after night. There’s nothing more romantic than dinner under the stars.

Don’t Let Hair Loss Interfere With Love

You are looking forward to dinner and dancing this Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend of one-year. On your first date you had thick, bouncy hair. In the last few months, however, you have experienced significant hair loss. It is becoming harder to hide it through styling and you are becoming more anxious by the day.

Hair Loss Has Various Causes

For many hair loss sufferers, the reason for their hair loss is linked to genealogy. There are many things we inherit from our ancestors, eye color, hair texture, and body shape. You can add hair loss to that list of inherited traits. More likely than not, your mother or grandmother started losing their hair at your age. Whether due to hormonal changes like menopause to tightly worn ponytails causing traction alopecia, DNA can provide the reason for hair loss.

More serious conditions like lupus, hyper and hypothyroidism, polycystic syndrome, and cancer all can contribute to hair loss. When patients undergo chemotherapy to eradicate cancer cells, telogen effluvium can result. This occurs when huge amounts of hairs enter the resting phase causing massive shedding, followed by thinning. Some medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol can produce hair loss. Any hormone replacement drugs, steroids, and acne medications can negatively affect hair growth.

Finding A Solution To Hair Loss

When a dermatologist or hair follicle specialist consults with you to diagnose the cause of your hair loss, he develops an individualized hair loss solution. The doctor conducts various tests determining whether you suffer from alopecia or other clinical issues. Even if you have inherited hair loss from a relative that does not automatically mean the cause is identical. Just like everyone has individual traits, our medical conditions and solutions are unique.

Once the specialist determines what your symptoms mean and diagnoses the cause, then it is time to decide your course of treatment. He will give you various options for the best possible outcome. You must decide if you want a quicker treatment or one taking months to a year to see results. Will you prefer to go the route of over-the-counter creams rubbed on your scalp daily? If you are too busy or not disciplined enough to follow such a regimen, perhaps this treatment is not for you.

If you want a permanent solution and have the money to fork out to a transplant center promising instant results, this may fit better. Or if time is of the essence, a cute wig will suffice. You want this first Valentine’s Day together to be special and not marred by hair loss. Once you make your choice, an enjoyable night together is assured, hair and all.


Vitamins for Hair Growth

Best Treatments and Styles for Thinning Hair

Surprise Her With An Online Gift Certificate

Once upon a time people gave gifts certificates to other people for special occasions. These gift certificates consisted of a certain monetary amount to be spent as the receiver desired at the particular store named on the gift certificate. Then, at their earliest convenience they would drive to the specific store or have someone else drive them there for the long awaited shopping trip.

Times have changed. Of course you can still give a gift certificate to a person, so that they can by their own birthday present, anniversary present, Christmas present and more. But now your beloved can use that gift certificate to do, for example, their boutique shoe shopping online.

Is A Gift Certificate Too Impersonal?

Some people just don’t like the idea giving gift certificates, because they don’t feel it has the personal touch. Here’s the thing about the personal touch however when it comes to clothing or even jewelry… Are you absolutely, positively sure that you know the exact taste of the person you’re buying for? What about their favorite color or style? And do you know the size they wear? Size may not be important, when it comes to jewelry, but style, metal preference, jewel or stone preference and more do come into play with jewelry.

With a gift certificate you don’t have to worry about knowing any of the above. If you know where they like to shop – be it online or in an old school, tangible store – that’s really all you need to know. That and of course, how much you want to spend.

How Much Is Enough?

Giving gifts may be fun and make you feel good but there is always the dilemma of how much to spend. This could well depend on your current assets of course, but is there a set of rules, so to speak, to follow when it comes to how much to spend on certain people in certain occasions? In addition to your budget some things to keep in mind are your personal relationship with the gift recipient and the particular occasion for which you are purchasing the gift. A wedding gift for example, if you are not part of the wedding party, can commonly run someone between $500 and $550. If however you are in the wedding party and you are purchasing a gift for the bride or groom a gift might run as high as $575-$600.

Again it all depends on your budget. You’re certainly not going to take out a loan, in order to buy someone a gift – that’s just ridiculous, let’s face it.

Your Valentine Would Love A Romantic Australian Home

Valentine’s Day – no one does it quite like the Australians. You might think that Romanticism is left up to the French, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Valentine’s Day in Australia is one heck of an event, so why not give your love the Valentine’s Day of a lifetime?

What’s Your Situation?

Have you and your Valentine decided to move in together, tie the knot, shop for a new home, or start spending almost all your time together exclusively? You probably both have your own individual homes and moving into one or the other’s home is going to feel a little weird. It will always be their place. You could look for a home for the both of you that is somewhere between your current locations. That way you get to keep track of all your friends and relatives in the area.

Or you could be thinking, “What if I sell my house and buy us a new home in beautiful Australia?” Well if that’s the case you’re going to want to make sure that you hire a real estate service that’s going to take care of all the extras like following through with buyers, marketing, listings and more. Do yourself a favor and research a couple of different real estate services, before deciding on which one to hire. A quick search on the Internet can put testimonials from past home buying/selling customers, at your very fingertips.

Romance In Australia

As previously mentioned Australians know how to do Valentine’s Day up right. Flowers play a huge part of the Valentine’s Day celebration in Australia. Cards are another huge tradition in Australia and Valentine’s Day finds cards sent not just to lovers, but friends, acquaintances, family and others. You don’t have to be in love in Australia to celebrate Valentine’s Day – but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Not bad anyways. And never let it be said that Australian men like Valentine’s Day any less than women. Just the opposite is true in fact with Assie men. A booming 58% of them make a bigger deal of Valentine’s Day than do women at merely 41%.

Whether you’re just starting out as a couple or want to put a little romance back into your life you may well consider buying a permanent home or possibly even a vacation home in Australia. Housing opportunities have never been better and there are some amazing coastal properties to consider for those of you wanting to spend your romantic days and nights at the beach.