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5 Ways To Rekindle The Romance In Your Relationship

The grind of daily life can take it’s toll on every aspect of our personal lives, even our relationship with that special someone. It’s not uncommon, and while it can lead to fights and arguments, it is possible to rekindle that original spark. You’re just going to have to work for it. Here are a few tips to get you started down that path.

#5 Vacations

A romantic Alaska fishing adventure sounds like the perfect way to get away from all the stress and worries of your normal lives. Get away from it all, and just enjoy having nothing but the time to be with each other. Sometimes, time and distance away from our normal lives is needed to bring a fresh perspective to our relationships.

#4 Weekends

Weekends should be the time when you devote yourselves to each other. Again, other responsibilities will of course get in the way from time to time, but if you don’t make the effort, no one’s going to do it for you. Relationships take work and effort, and that includes making time for each other.

#3 Alternate Roles

If one of you always takes care of the cooking, and one always handles the cleaning, switch it up every now and again. Repetition can sometimes lead to partners feeling unappreciated. Nothing helps more sometimes than stepping into the shoes of the other person. Try it yourself, and see just what your partner goes through for you.

#2 Surprises

Gifts, kind acts, and shows of love and devotion shouldn’t just be limited to holidays. Every once in a while, surprise that special someone with a little something, such as a clairvoyant love reading for free just to let them know you care. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant, just a little something to remind them that you both care and appreciate them.  Sometimes laughter can be the the best medicine for romance,  consider april fools day pranks to get your loved one to giggle.

#1 Daily Time

Each and every day, you’ve got to set aside some time for each other. It can be easy to lose track of time while dealing with your other responsibilities, but that can’t be the excuse you fall back on time and time again. Nothing breaks down a relationship faster than silence and distance.

Nothing Says I Love You More Than Invisalign


This is the first Valentines Day after all the kids have graduated from college and moved into their own apartments. It is just the two of you and now you are faced with the decision of what to buy. You would like to present a very unique gift that will leave a long-lasting impression.

Gift The Gift Of An Effervescent Smile

When you think of dental or orthodontic appointments, that does not go hand-in-hand with a Valentines gift. Most people equate oral health with pain and fear. So getting your spouse to go to an appointment on or near this special day will initially receive a response of a dud. However, when you present her with the invisilign brochure and then explain you are paying for her to get a new smile, that will be one winner of a present.

One of the reasons this will impress her is the fact she will finally be able to put herself on the front burner after years of ignoring her needs in favor of the kids. When they needed new coats, she kept wearing the old one. If they needed immunizations before the new school year, she put off her doctor’s visit until months later. Or when the dentist referred them to the orthodontist to begin the teeth straightening process, she did not hesitate to make it happen. Now for you to not just settle for the metal braces like the kids wore, but the upscale brand, is extra special.

A Beautiful Smile Will Cost You-But It Is Worth It

With all this cheer being spread around, there is one little factor you failed to nail down. Just how much will this Valentine’s present set me back? Will I need to take on a second job in order to give my wife a new smile?

The great thing about this gift is it can be paid for over time. If you have dental insurance with coverage for your wife, that will shoulder much of the cost. Or if you prefer, you may want to use the in-house financing that some orthodontists offer. Of course, there is always your trusty old credit card that has been used for everything under the sun. Why not use it for this precious gift of a brand new smile, one that can remind you of when you first met and fell in love? How appropriate for this special day of love.

Gift Ideas for Your Coffee-Loving Spouse

Coffee. Black Gold. Go-Go Juice. Nectar of the Gods. Whatever your significant other calls it, it runs deep in their veins and you’d swear they’d bleed it if pricked. You have a coffee lover in your life and zero clue as to what to give them for the next holiday. Here are some thoughtful gifts to give your Coffee Ground Guru.

Gourmet coffee gift baskets make an excellent gift and they come in a wide array of prices and contents. You can even build one yourself, if you buy the materials. You simply have to know what their favorite brew is and see if the brand comes in other flavors and strengths, or even better, have a website with pre-made baskets at the ready. The prices can range anywhere from $25 ( to hundreds of dollars, if you choose to push aside price for the present.

How about a new coffee maker? These makers can range anywhere from the simplistic pour and brew, to the complex French Press and Cappuccino machine. Keurig has their machines surrounded by the idea of brewing one cup at a time. Each individual cup is brewed right there on the spot, so you’re guaranteed a fresh cup, every time. The single serve cups come in countless flavors, strengths, and gourmet brands and are sure to please even the pickiest of percolators. The boxes of k-cups can be bought online or by their 800 customer service number and can be delivered right to your front door.

If the single cup Keurig isn’t your thing (or you know that your guy or gal wouldn’t be thrilled with it) there are literally thousands of other coffee makers out there to satisfy their insatiable caffeine craving.

Do they stop by for the occasional latte after work? Before work? Is your local coffee house their second home and they’re on first name basis with the manager? Why not buy them a gift certificate at their favorite watering hole? This way they’re ensured their coffee how they want it, when they want it, and they’re not digging through for change at the bottom of the couch or car seat to get their next cup.

If gift cards are too impersonal, how about caffeinated soap? Yes, you read that right. Now they can get their charge before even putting the cup to their lips. Caffeinated soaps are the new craze and they themselves come in a variety of brands and scents. And oddly enough, they have their own gift baskets that can be mixed and matched with actual brewable coffee. (

Another great gift idea is a travel mug that keeps their coffee hot? Thermos has an impressive array of mugs and one that actually plugs into your car to make sure it’s kept hot. You have mugs that come in all sizes, shapes, and colors of the rainbow. Contigo has a mug that they boast will keep your coffee hot for an astonishing 16 hours.

And if you would rather a personal touch, why not get your love a specialized mug with pictures of your lives together put right on the side? has several options. You simply pick the pictures you want to put on the side, email them to the printer, and they arrange it in a collage wrapping around the entire mug. Every time they take a sip, they can view the pictures and be reminded why you’re such an awesome catch!

Whatever your choice, there are several out there that haven’t even been mentioned here. Valentine’s Day is all about the thought behind the present. Your Coffee Count or Countess will be surprised and thrilled that you remembered what their beverage of choice is.

Thrifty and Romantic Date Ideas

You don’t have to spend a fortune to go on a great date. It’s possible to have a lot of fun and not really spend too much money – but you need to know where to look. One of the best places is your local paper, because you can often find free events that are taking place in your area.

Spending Less and Getting More

Sometimes, just choosing from the overwhelming number of Valentine’s cards in the stores can seem like a daunting task. You don’t have to look through all of them, or buy the one that’s biggest or most expensive. Pick what speaks to your heart.

Romance Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

If you’ve found the right mate, he or she won’t care if you spend a little or a lot. Some of the best things to do – walks in parks, picnics, free events in your towns, carnivals and fairs, yard saleing, etc., don’t cost much at all.

You know your partner best, so consider what he or she would really like to do. Then, just take it from there. You’ll have a wonderful, thrifty, and romantic time on your date, and that’s worth a lot.

Racy V-Day Getups

Valentine’s Day is a great time of year because you get to go shopping for sexy lingerie. Most any department store is going to carry lingerie in their intimates section.

Finding The Perfect Outfit For Your Romantic Valentine’s Day

It can be slightly challenging when it comes to finding the perfect outfit, because you want to look your best. One good thing to do is try on several different selections to see which one is the most flattering for you. Also, you want to be sure you are also feeling comfortable.

Finding Good Deals Online Can Save You Money

Another great place to shop is online. You might actually find a better selection for what you are seeking. One thing to remember when shopping online is to use the size chart. The size chart is a great guideline to help you find the perfect fit. Also make sure you utilize any promotional codes available so that you can get a better discount.

Once you have made your selection, then you might even consider buying yourself some really cool looking shoes with a high heel. That will make your outfit even better. You are going to have a great Valentine’s Day.

Treat Your Valentine to a Tropical Vacation

In many parts of the world Valentine’s Day comes complete with some of the coldest temperatures of the year. Being warm and snugly in front of a fire on a cold day can be enjoyable and romantic. So however, can lying on the beach in your sexiest swimwear with a tropical drink in one hand and sunscreen in the other.

Florida: The Land Of Surf And Sun

What better Valentine’s Day gift than a vacation in paradise? Unforgettable memories will be made during romantic evenings, delectable dining opportunities, beaches that go on forever and sunsets fit for a movie setting. A Florida biplane ride along the coast complete with champagne toast is a great way to create a Valentine’s Day celebration to remember.

Florida Not Your Cup Of Tea? Try These On For Size

If the whole Florida package didn’t trip your trigger, possibly Emerald green waters, exotic animals and plants, sailing, kayaking, diving and more would be more enjoyable for you in out of the way places such as Dominica, Panama, Vanautu (about 2 hours from New Zealand), the Virgin Islands’ St. John, Australia, Hawaii, Singapore or Bonaire. Get your passports out.

Whenever you go, if you don’t pack the sunscreen and swimwear; make buying it your first stop even before the hotel.

Hit the Box Office for a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! February 14th 2012 to be exact and many people will be scrambling to come up with the best ideas for this day of love when they can save time and money if they start planning for Valentine’s Day now.

Musical Theater

One popular choice that anyone can choose for their significant other this Valentine’s Day is buying tickets to a popular musical theater show. Many people might have cringed at musical theater in the past but thanks to hit shows like Billy Elliot, both men and women now love musical theater equally.

Another popular show that’s been touring the country is The Book of Mormon, this show which was created by the geniuses behind South Park follows the adventures of two Mormons on their first mission to Uganda. From the time that it was first released, The Book of Mormon tickets have sold out across the country and it’s now a popular, must see musical for people of all ages and races.

Other Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Jewelry – Both men and women love jewelry and it’s easier than ever before to buy jewelry online and have it shipped anywhere just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  • Flowers – Women love flowers, they are also an affordable gift that will last for days long after Valentine’s Day is over.
  • Dinner – One of the easiest things to do on Valentine’s Day is to take your significant other out to dinner. Most dinners under $100 and will enable any couple to build memories that will last a lifetime.

5 Things You Should Look for When Buying Gold or Silver Online

One of the five things you should look for when researching silver buying online is, a dealer you can trust. Your money is hard earned and can be easily lost when dealing with unscrupulous people. Gold is unpredictable. Prices can easily fluctuate with serious highs and lows’, so getting into a scam circumstance is unacceptable. A form of certification by some reputable organization is always an added source of comfort when dealing with a company where the financial output may be above average.
Secondly, decide how much money you are willing to invest in these precious metals, what weight are you interested in and how to read the different weight categories. Whether you are interested in gold or silver bar or coin there is a standard of measurement which a buyer must understand in order to properly handle their investment. Where are you going to keep this investment? Under a mattress is not a good idea. Will you store it with a company or use a safety deposit box. Security for your money and personal information is another one of five things you should look for when buying gold or silver online. The care of gold coins must be considered a well, it is not enough to own them but caring for coins must be looked after.

Is the company a member of a trade organization? If this answer is yes there is a lesser chance of things going desperately wrong. Look for guarantees offered by the company you are considering. Simple research is worth the time before placing money into anything. Gold is a particularly expensive commodity and dealing with any company selling it should be done carefully. Investing in gold is nice if you know what you are doing. But, investing without training or without the help of a professional is a recipe for financial loss. Professional guidance helps avoid pitfalls and learning lessons the hard way. Whether you are investing for an immediate return on your money or long range involvement, learning the ins and outs of the precious metals market is worth the study.

Many people like to add to their coin collections through online purchasing. One of the most popular actions is for collectors to buy American silver eagles online. These are predicted to hold their value in the coming years and offer a different way to buy silver.

Owning gold or silver has financial benefits, a short term ownership can bring profits but the long range almost guarantees your capital will not lose its value. Adding to wealth takes intelligent planning, buying gold and silver is one way to create a wealth building program with a steady level of growth when trained experts are at the helm.

Be Thoughtful & Smart

Send flowers the smart way.

Save some money when you buy flowers online.  I know, I know –  it’s awful to load 3 or 4 online florist sites to compare deals and coupons.  Luckily now, you can make a comparison by only looking at one page.  BehindTheCounter, one of the largest coupon sites on the web (I love them!) has simplified the process when you buy flowers.  They’ve created a page that shows 3 of the most popular online flowers sites, with the available coupons and special offers.   Now, of course it’s too difficult to go to BehindTheCounter and look for the right page, so here is the send flowers coupon page.  It couldn’t be easier to be thoughtful and smart the next time you send flowers.