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Top Valentine’s Day News Segments

Valentine’s day is one of the most popular holidays during the year.  It is a time for lovers and friends to show their love and appreciation for someone special.  Every year, the news clips on Valentine’s are memorable and this year was no different.  The following were top segments that will make you laugh, cry, and reminisce.

Flowers Gone Wrong

One of the biggest news issues for Valentine’s Day this year involved forgotten flowers.  Journalists had a field day with popular flower company, 1-800-Flowers.  According to their facebook page, many people did not receive their flowers.  One father complained that his little girl didn’t receive the bouquet he ordered and paid an extra $30 for an on time arrival.  Another complained that the order was incorrect.  Instead of receiving the $100 worth of orchids, this customer’s loved one received lilies.  This small mix up could be tragic for some people.  After all, flowers are everything on Valentine’s Day.  And 1-800-Flowers has a 100% smile guarantee.

Hollywood Movie

Another major news feature on Valentine’s Day involved a variety of popular celebrities.  A savvy individual compiled 4 minutes worth of celebrity couple footage – both on screen and off.  These clips were all compiled with a tip, “this is how Hollywood says ‘I love you’”.  Many people took note of these videos and worked to translate the same spirit into their own valentine’s day.

Book Ideas

In addition to Hollywood movies, there was a lot of news surrounding the best gifts.  Books, in particular, were a popular gift.  The suggestion was to pick something romantic for the ideal gift.  Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights was a top suggestion.  Also, Anne Enright’s The Gathering was also a fan favorite.  Finally, some savvy shoppers purchased Women in Love by DH Lawrence.

A Diamond Is Forever

Lastly, one story that captured people’s attention involved a diamond controversy.  The journalist posed an interesting idea.  They pointed out that De Beers may say a diamond is forever.  However, many people may feel like diamonds are more about guilt.  Those that buy diamonds don’t usually do it because they want to.  Instead, it is often because they have to.  And many times, these diamonds are apology diamonds.  Even some of the best engagement rings are often purchased out of guilt.  Hopefully your diamond isn’t.

This Valentine’s Day was filled with love and controversy.  Many issues and ideas were raised to question our traditions.  Their influence remains to be seen.

Make Your Valentine’s Gift Extra Special

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we almost always do.  We not only judge books but we judge a product’s packaging and even the way someone is dressed.  It’s all about presentation.  It goes the same for giving gifts.  Before we even know what is inside the package, we judge a present by its size, shape and weight, trying to guess what could be inside.  By designing your own personalized gift wrap, you’ll be not only giving your loved one a nice gift for Valentine’s Day, but you’ll be giving them the experience of a thoughtful presentation.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go to wrap your loved one’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Choosing the Paper

Begin with deciding on a color scheme.  Because it’s Valentine’s Day, paper and motifs with red, black and white are appropriate.  Also decide on the quality and whether or not it will be recycled.  This will decide if it will rip easily before he or she gets to open it.

Spice Up With Accessories

The gift presentation doesn’t end with just the wrapping paper.  You can spice up your gifts with all types of accessories including bows and ribbons.  But another accessory that is becoming common in professional gift-wrapping is adding a charm.  Perhaps of a heart or a symbol that means something to you and your significant other.

Just a few extra minutes taking the time to wrap a gift will make the presentation and the moment of giving that much more special.