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Romantic Ski Trip For Two?

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that combines high adrenaline daytime activities and possibly some high adrenaline night time activities as well, if you catch my ‘drift’, you might want to check out next year’s winter romantic Vail rentals. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get snowed in. What a shame.

A Great Place for Newlyweds

Newlywed couples frequent Vail on almost an endless basis. And with all the excitement and confusion of the wedding if you forget your skis, it’s no problem. Rentals are available on the hills of Vail Colorado. And if sweets for the sweet are your sweet desire, consider making a stop at one of the following: Vail Village’s Chef Broschinsky’s Sweet Basil; Juniper in Edwards. What’s on the menu? Try this on for size: whip cream topped, smothered with Myers rum sauce, Toffee Hot and Sticky Pudding Cake. I’m going into a diabetic coma just thinking about it but, what the heck; you’re on a romantic vacation.

After A Big Day On The Hills

A great way to relax before you relax for the day is at one of the spas at Vail. The bitter nip of cold in the air and the crunch of the snow will seem like a distant memory as you simmer in the lap of luxury at Allegria, Arrabelle, Cordillera or the spa Sonnenalp before retiring to a romantic evening of fun by the fire. You can feel the frostiness of the day melt away and your muscles being massaged into stupefaction.

You may well have to be carried back to your room! That’s how relaxed you’ll be.