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Valentines Day doesn't have to be one day a year. Love with all of your heart and soul. Giving yourself completely to someone can be scary, but there is never a bad time to tell your loved one how you feel about them.

The most amazing gift you can give someone is your heart. Cherish your time together and make every day Valentines Day but engagement rings don't hurt either!

Surprising Him This Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a way to add some extra spark and romance to your Valentine’s Day?  You are not alone.  Fortunately, it is easy to make the most of Valentine’s Day with these simple tips.  Follow these suggestions for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Set The Mood

To begin with, make sure to set the mood.  Romance does not always come naturally.  This is particularly true for those who work long hours at stressful jobs.  Therefore, create a relaxing and enticing atmosphere that will allow your partner to de-stress the second they walk in the door.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to put them to sleep.  Instead, you want to shift their thoughts to you.  Lay out some rose petals.  Light a few candles.  Turn off the lights for a more romantic vibe.  You may even want to turn on some music in your car stereo.  All of these tips will help you set the mood for Valentine’s Day.


Next, do not forget the lingerie.  Men love lingerie.  It is visually enticing to them.  Show your confidence as a woman in the right lingerie.  Wear something that you feel proud in.  And don’t worry if you are not a size 0.  You are beautiful in his eyes.  Be proud of that and don’t be afraid to show your stuff.  On Valentine’s Day, you might want to go a little sexier with the lingerie.  Step it up a notch for your man.  He will love it.


Furthermore, it will be important for you to invest in the right tools for your night.  Get him a pelvic exerciser. This device is great for men who worry about impotency.  It will help him relax.  In addition, consider other valuable tools for your Valentine’s experience.  Look online and purchase anything that will help you spice up the passion.

Round 2

Finally, if you really want to surprise your man this Valentine’s Day, go for round 2.  He will be so thrilled when you initiate more passion.  After all, he’s probably already expecting to get lucky.  You are providing the icing on the cake when you help him get lucky more than once.  Plus, it will be fun for you too.

Let loose and have fun this Valentine’s Day.  Focus on things you can do to please him.  Then let him return the favor.  It will be an experience to remember and you’ll leave hoping for more.

Building the Muscles Your Valentine Drools Over

One of the best ways that you can develop lean muscle mass and have the body that you deserve is by taking HGH supplements, this popular supplement also known as human growth hormones, has been the secret weapon that celebrities and athletes have used for years to build muscular and lean bodies without spending hundreds of hours in the gym. Thanks to the Internet, HGH supplements are more readily available than ever before, you can purchase them online from a certified HGH retailer and have them shipped to your home in just a couple of days or you can purchase them locally from your local health food or vitamin store.


Start a Routine

After you started taking HGH supplements, you should start exercising immediately because, regular consistent exercise will only help to increase the benefits that you receive from taking HGH and you will be able to get in better shape quicker than you would if you did not take these suppleness.

Watch Your Diet

Besides regular, consistent exercise it’s also important to contain a healthy diet that involves eating regular fresh fruits, grains, chicken, fish and drinking at least eight ounces of water every single day. One of the many mistakes that people make with their health in this day and age is consuming too many caffeinated beverages like sodas and coffee’s on a daily basis. These beverages are only empty calories that serve to add inches of fat around waistlines and make it harder for people to lose pounds after they have been exercising for a long time.  Another mistake is the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  The empty caloric intake from alcoholic beverages can really add up and add to your waistline, especially wine.  A simple wine app can help you find everything you need to look at those calories and find delicious wines that are low in calories and high in taste.

Think Positive

Last of all, but most important, thinking positive thoughts has been proven scientifically to make an impact in a person’s health. By thinking positive on a daily basis, those thoughts will translate to every facet of your life and will give you energy/vitality to conquer any obstacles that life has in store for you.

Historically, positive thinkers from Gandhi to Anthony Robbins have all said the same thing: what we think about, we bring about. What does this mean? If you think sad, depressing or negative thoughts on a daily basis this only affects your overall life and your health so the next time you start feeling sad or negative thoughts sitting in, stop those thoughts from taking root in your mind and change your mindset with a happy thought or positive thought.

Let Your Clothes do the Talking

Have you seen Project Runway? One of TV’s hottest reality shows judges aspiring designers on whether they are “in or out”. They say in fashion that is the case – “you are either in or you are out.” And to stay in the show you have to keep designing fashions that are in. One of the toughest parts of the competition is when they ask designers to design dresses. Most of the time they are not skilled on this and they try to stay away from looking too costumey. However, some of the hottest fashions stem from costumes.

Where Are Today’s Costumes Used?

Often when you think of costumes, your mind ventures to the popular holiday Halloween. However, costume designers would be out of business if this were all they had to design for. In fact, their business is much more complex, from Valentines Day to Christmas and many other times. Some of the greatest creations are costumes. All you need to do is think of Lady Gaga and you realize the impact of a costume designer. That is one example of where costumes are used. A performer often uses costumes. And many Broadway plays rely heavily on costume designers for help. A good costume designer can take an old trend and make it more modern without taking away the key elements of the trend.

Costumes And Fashion

One of the reasons costumes are so important to the fashion world is because they influence trends. When a designer takes a trend from the 1960s and makes it more modern for a popular music artist or a Broadway play, this trend will often ripple into designs in the fashion world (like awesome t shirts). And this is not surprising because so many people want to look and feel like the culture that is around them. Set a trend for your kids by getting them an animal costume.

The next time you are observing something cultural, see if you can spot some fun costumes! You might be surprised how much they relate to today’s fashions.

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Show Your Loved One The Healthy Way to Weigh

Valentine’s Day is a tricky one. It can be a lonely day if you’re single, but having a spouse or a significant other can also bring its own set of problems. The big question, of course, is what to get your loved one for this unofficial holiday. Flowers for a woman perhaps, and something like a small stuffed animal that shows affection, but is not too deep or scary for a man. These are just the opening gifts.

More Gifts?

Dinner at a nice quiet restaurant is a tender expression of closeness. Or even cooking something new at home can set the right mood. What if one half of the couple is trying to lose weight. What then?  Consider getting them a pre workout booster to help them keep and meet their goals. Chocolates are certainly out of the question and so are sweets of just about any kind.

You can demonstrate heartfelt caring perhaps by cooking your partner a low calorie dish that’s very tasty. You could even add goji berry for added flavor and texture. And, when that face across the table asks what it is, you can tell him or her that it’s something from China that is full of vitamins and minerals and amino acids and people are using it to lose weight. Those things are true, and you can also say that the little valentine red berry, also promotes a feeling of wellbeing and provides natural energy without caffeine.

Valentine’s Day Is Easy

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be a laid back day, if you prepare everything before hand. If you’re helping your loved one lose weight, then you should do it everyday, even on one of the biggest chocolate days of the year. There are so many foods out there that have great flavor and are low calorie that this should not be the day that anyone has to break their diet.

The Internet has tons of information available and you should be able to find a perfect and simple recipe for the one you love. You could also find apps for weight loss by officially unlocking your iPhone 5.   Low calorie dishes are easy to make and just as easy and fun to eat as the high-density food that most of us were brought up on.

Last Minute Valentine Shopping Ideas

No matter how much your significant other loves clothes or their Geox Shoes if you are one of those shop till you drop individuals that really gets all jazzed up running around from store to store… to store… no one ever needs to feel like they are frittering away time that could be well spent doing something else.  And, sometimes that’s what a shopping trip can turn into.  Everyone has a special woman in their life- a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife….you name it!  And everyone knows women love going to the salon and getting a new look to show off. In fact, womens haircuts are quite reasonable in cost and a great gift that will make her feel special.

Save While You Buy

There is of course a great way to avoid that in this day and age of high technology.  Not only can you see more clothing from more manufacturers but you can do it in less time and spend less money by finding online clothing.  What that means for you is that you can have plenty of time to shop around for the perfect Valentine’s Day card.  Although truth be told, you can find those online as well and either send them through email or make them yourself on your home printer.  The whole thing is a win-win situation. Today’s business woman, wife, mother, loving boyfriends and husbands, sons and daughters and even college students are taking full advantage of the convenience of boutique shopping at home.

Shopping Online Doesn’t Just Save Time

It’s important for online stores to get as many shoppers as they can – that’s their bread and butter. Someone had to sit behind a desk and think to themselves ‘how can I make online shopping even more attractive than it already is?’  A daunting task when you consider how attractive online shopping is all by itself.

We already discussed the saving time and money and the other simplistic convenience of it.  Until gas prices come back down again… If ever… Driving around from store to store will add to the price tag of any dress, outfits for accessories that you shop for if you don’t shop online.  So in order to make something exceptionally desirable even more so, online stores offer something that you can’t get at the other stores.  Namely… Online savings.

Also try grabbing some online savings by getting Free Samples By Mail Canada

Through exclusive coupons, coupon codes and sales online stores can offer you savings that are not extended to people shopping out on the streets and in the malls.  Sometimes free shipping is involved and express shipping for those who really did wait until the last minute to get that all-important Valentine’s Day gift.

Build An Eco Friendly Love Nest

If you are considering a new vacation home so that you and the love of your life can hide from the rest of the world, every once in awhile, you may want to consider looking at eco friendly homes, before you make your final decision. There are plenty of floor plans to choose from and the prices are generally set, before the construction begins, which keeps you from dealing with surprises when it comes time to pay.  And if there are any surprises along the way, consider a payday loan. Add that to the fact that these homes are generally able to save you some money and you will quickly see why so many people are turning to modular homes.

Getting Away

Every day, each of us struggle with the stress of daily life. We deal with our jobs, our bills, our family…even our friends can sometimes be a bit too much for us. It is no secret that stress can build up and cause physical health problems that aren’t always easy to deal with. Not to mention, the stress also takes a toll on your emotional well being and can begin to seep into other aspects of your life.

If you have ever been distracted at work because you were busy thinking about a fight you had with your best friend, you know exactly how that seepage can affect you. It is important to find time to get away every once in awhile, not to avoid your problems, but so that you are better prepared to deal with them.

A Place To Hide

Building a place for you and the love of your life to retreat when things get too stressful is a perfect way to make sure you maintain your sanity, while also building upon your relationship. Rather than finding a home that has been broken in by someone else, why not have your retreat built the way you want it?

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While you are at it, you should consider a modular home. They are less expensive than most custom built homes and are better for the environment. From the rain collection that serves as a water source, using lighting from ledhut.co.uk,  to the minimal use of natural resources to build the love nest, you are not only helping yourself by having one of these homes built, you are helping the environment.

Buying a home that has already been built is great, but having an eco friendly home custom built is even better. It will be a place that you and your loved one will know that is yours and yours alone. You will know that every memory that you make in your retreat will be the first that the home has ever known. In the end, your eco friendly getaway will help you and the planet.

3-Home Projects That She Will Love

You’re coming up on a big anniversary, and to celebrate, you’re looking to surprise her with a few projects around the house that you’ve both been talking about for a while now. You don’t have all the time in the world, so let’s narrow it down to three of the simplest ones that will thrill her. Most of these can be done in part by using a few fasteners from retail outlets, in your neighborhood.

She Won’t Believe Her Eyes

One thing that can make a room feel dark and claustrophobic is a low, flat ceiling. By creating an inexpensive, painted illusion on the ceiling you can add architectural sophistication and give the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Depending on your technical and artistic ability, these paintings can be anything from a depiction of an open sky, to a high, vaulted ceiling.

Control The Sunshine

Another easy project to consider is replacing a window treatment. Has the window shade above your kitchen sink been ruined and worn down by repeated exposure to splashes and cooking liquids? Then maybe it’s time to replace that stained window covering with an inexpensive fabric treatment. You’ll be sure to see your kitchen in a whole new light.

Get Out The Saw

If your heating or cooling system makes a lot of noise, consider building a noise reducing air vent cover that looks beautiful and solves the problem in a cost effective manner. Unlike store bought air vent covers that come with narrow slits, the one you make yourself using a garden trellis will be quiet and beautiful to boot. Using the proper hex bolt to secure it can also make a difference. This is a great home improvement project for for that woman in your life, who loves peace and quiet.

Small Effort, Huge Returns

All of these are projects that are small in scope, price, and time investment. You should have no problem getting them done, and impressing her with how little it takes to transform your home. Even if you’re not exactly the world’s greatest handyman, fear not- these projects are all possible to do on your own, no matter how much or how little skill you may possess. Take some time one afternoon while she’s out of the house, and get it all done so that she comes home to a surprise!

Things To Think About When Planning An Event In Chicago

Lucky you… you have been chosen as the all entitled event planner for the big shindig in Chicago. A blessing or curse? Only time will tell of course, but you can make the most of it by executing the position smoothly, seemingly effortlessly and flawlessly. Do not – I repeat do not – attempt to this on your own. You are not the great and powerful Oz after all. That is the first lesson of an event planner.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – Nor by One Single Person

Does your organization have an event planning committee? If not, it’s time to set one up. Depending upon how successful you are, you may need that event planning committee any number of times in the future. You must familiarize yourself with the city in question. To miss out on the most exciting or appropriate venues and options that a city has to offer is nothing short of irresponsible. That’s just bad planning. So how you know if you’re taking full advantage of all the city has to offer? Some cities offer a free city guide with vacations and event planning in mind. Even at a small charge, it is well worth the effort to pick one of these up in order to plan a successful event – particularly when referring to a major city like Chicago.

Who, What, Where, When and How?

When considering your venue, find out who has to offer any or all of the following:

  • who can make the most of lighting and sound for an impressive display
  • staging and all equipment needed, including audio/visual
  • fulfilling last minute requests, transportation arrangements to and from hotels and airports, handling of VIPs
  • will they check with you, as their client, for approval every step of the way
  • what types of facilities (i.e. banquet hall, elegant ballroom settings, beautifully decorated outdoor garden areas, spacious park-like settings, paved outdoor areas, indoor/outdoor restrooms or porta-potties, (See portapottyrentalchicago.net etc.) do they have to choose from
  • what about door prizes, giveaways, entertainment, flowers, invitations, coordination of all of those and contacting vendors
  • in order for your party to be executed flawlessly, will they guarantee an event manager of their own to work with you

So, Mr. or Ms. Event Planner – remember that attention to detail – both big and small – is what event planning is all about. Again however, it’s a lot for one person to handle and a committee, or at the very least a few helpful sets of hands, is essential. If your situation does not allow for a committee it is even more important that the venue/location you choose offers the option of an event planner.

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Modesty: Helping Your Junior Bridesmaids Find The Right Dresses

One of the hottest shows on pay television these days is ’Say Yes to the Dress’. And whereas it can be a bit wearing, particularly if you are not fashion minded, patient or in the market for bridal gown – it can be entertaining in an offputting kind of way. Usually it’s all about the bride and her gown. But on occasion, the bridesmaids have tried on any number of frocks that will be adorning their assorted figures. And much as is the case with brides, these figures range from fashion model skinny to plus, plus sized, and everything in between. And modesty matters – particularly in the case of juniors.

One Mind – One Body… Not on Your Life!

Get a group of women together in a room and show them a dress. As many women as there are in that room – that’s how many opinions there will be. Not one opinion will match the other. And so it goes with bridal dresses, bridesmaids dresses and the lot. Several different body types wearing one dress, in most cases, is becoming less and less accepted. Factor in age appropriate and… oh boy! The smart bride will leave things more to the imagination, if she knows what’s good for her and her bridesmaids. Melissa McCarthy isn’t going to look good in the same dress that Cindy Crawford wears stunningly. Nothing personal and not to be cruel. It’s simply a fashion fact. What do you do when you want your bridesmaids to all look good but all look similar? The answer is relatively simple. Pick a color that compliments all your bridesmaids complexions. With a rainbow of colors available this really shouldn’t be a problem. Now let them pick their own fashion statement so they can feel comfortable and attractive. Just because it’s your day doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t feel pretty, but age and figure appropriate.

Set Some Rules If Necessary

Of course the number one rule: nobody gets to be prettier than the bride. This can of course be easier said than done. Hey, not for nothing, I’m just saying. Don’t out-dress the bridal dress. That’s rule number one. If different dress lengths look better on certain figures, or certain age groups, the bridesmaids should even be able to pick the length of the dress whenever possible. Don’t push a short dress on a 45-year-old bridesmaid or a junior. Cleavage could be another determining factor. And ladies – the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” rule of thumb will not be appropriate for the junior bridesmaid… even if she’s ‘got it’ way more than the bride!

Of course you’ll never be able to make everyone happy all the time. The mother won’t agree with the mother-in-law who won’t agree with the bridesmaid who won’t agree with the maid of honor who may not agree with the bride and any combination of the previously mentioned. Please however, as the bride, remember that whether it’s your day or not, your bridesmaids are entitled to keep their pride and look pretty – as long as it’s not prettier than you.

Will Your V-Day Proposal Lead to a Fall Wedding?

So you’ve decided to pop the question on Valentine’s Day. Aaw…a true romantic (not much in the way of imagination, however…it’s been done, buddy). Nonetheless, a Valentine themed proposal could lead to an autumn themed wedding. Bigger plans have been made in less time, rest assured (our maid of honor and best man put our entire fall wedding, reception and honeymoon together in just 3 months!).

The Most Colorful Time of the Year

Christmas may have the distinction of being ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but autumn wins out in the colorful category. Incorporate as many of those fall colors as possible into not only your beautiful autumn wedding invitations, but into the wedding itself for the most vibrantly memorable ceremony ever. Believe it or not there are even wedding rings centered around the fall theme. By doing a search for ‘fall wedding ideas’ you will be bombarded by a plethora of autumn concepts for everything from rings to wardrobe. Possibly you might have done the same for ideas regarding wedding proposals instead of going with the tired old V-Day thing—but I digress.

Seasons and Holidays

Seasonal or holiday centered themes are easy to work with. The colors are usually all ready decided upon (green and red-Christmas; red and white-Valentine’s Day; oranges, yellows and reds-autumn and so on) so that makes it a bit easier right off the bat. Seasons and holidays are relatively self evident when it comes to themes or concepts as well. Nobody ever said you had to stick to tradition either. Use a little imagination when it comes to the ceremony, the Junior Bridesmaid dresses,  the pictures and/or the reception. You can have a wedding that will be the same old same old in everyone’s eyes or you can have a wedding to remember.

It doesn’t necessarily take that much more money to create the most memorable event of your lives…just the right circumstances and a little bit of creativity.

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